Brows & Lashes



Keep your eyes well maintained with our shaping and tinting treatments.

Basic shaping/tinting

Eyebrow shape from £9
Eyebrow tint* £8
Eyelash tint* £10
Lash and brow tint* £15

Eyelash photo

PHOTO - Eyelash


PHOTO - LVL before & after

Our LVL treatment gives Lift Volume & Length to your lashes that can last up to 6 weeks.
75 minutes £40 (incl Tint)


Lash Extension

Lash Inserts £5 to £15
Expected to last 24/48 hours.

Express Individual Lashes* £25
Will take 45/60 minutes and can last up to a week or two.

Infills £10
Removal £10

Individual Lash Extensions* £60
Will take up to 2 hours and can last 2 – 4 weeks.

Infills £25
Removal £15


Patch test

*New clients will need a patch test 24 hours before tinting,  Individual Lash Extension or LVL treatment.