Holistic Therapies

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A range of treatments aimed at treating the whole person, mind and body. All treatments are tailored to your needs and your therapist will carry out a free of charge consultation about your specific requirements prior to a treatment/appointment.







Reflexology prices

This holistic, therapeutic treatment rebalances the body’s systems and relieves stress and tension by working on the reflex zones of the feet.

1hr treatment £30

Reflexology – PHOTO

PHOTO - Reflexology


Hopi ear candles – thermal auricular therapy

Hopi ear candles – PHOTO

PHOTO - Ear Candles



Hopi ear candles – thermal auricular therapy PRICE

If you suffer from headaches, tinnitus, sinusitis, mild hearing loss, flu and cold conditions then this non invasive treatment will relieve the ear canal from excessive ear wax and toxins. All candles are made from natural products.

30 minute treatment  £30


Indian head massage




Indian head massage PRICES

Indian head massage is ideal for those who suffer with pain in the neck, shoulders, back and scalp. Using a special blend of essential oils, the massage and acupressure helps to relieve tension in these areas.

45 min treatment £30

Indian head massage – PHOTO

PHOTO - Indian Head Massage


Aromatherapy body massage

A wonderful treatment which uses essential oils to refresh, uplift, detoxify and relax muscular aches and pains in the face and body, creating a feeling of general well being.

1hr treatment £35


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Not quite what you're looking for?

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